The VOLTER company was founded in 2001 in Ukraine, it is also known in the market as Electromir LLC.

Today it is a leading factory for the production of voltage stabilazers, voltage relays and uninterruptible power supplies, located in Ukraine.

For almost 30 years, our specialists have been solving problems of the quality of domestic power supply networks, using the latest technology and innovations.

The main benefits of VOLTER voltage stabilizers are:
• consistent high quality
• reliability and durability
• security
• easy to service and maximum compatibility with varying electrical networks This is confirmed by various patents and certificates, including the ISO 9001 certificate "Quality Management System", as well as conforming to the Technical Regulations for Low Voltage Equipment and the Technical Regulations for Electromagnetic Compatibility.

That is why VOLTER provides a lifetime warranty on all its voltage stabilizers – not only in Ukraine, but world-wide

The power of our manufactured stabilizers ranges from 0.25 kW (the voltage stabilizers for boilers) to 200 kW (VOLTER stabilizers are currently
operating at nuclear power plants and other sensitive facilities).

The product which can introduce you to our product line is the voltage relay VOLTER, it will allow you to find out network problems and choose the best
voltage stabilizer model, depending on the data received.

VOLTER manufactures custom-made voltage stabilizers with operating ranges of 60-380 V for remote sites and overloaded power lines, as well as
frost-resistant stabilizers for cold rooms or outdoor installations.

The VOLTER company also produces a separate product line, specializing in high-tech voltage stabilizers and regenerators for Hi-Fi and Hi-End


All voltage stabilizers are produced in Ukraine. Our technology and production quality meet the highest international standards:

High-quality components from the world’s leading brands, are used such as: Semikron, Atmel, Toshiba, Vishay, Epcos, and FairChild. Similar electronic
components are certified for industrial and military production, which once again proves the quality of the parts.

The system of quality control and QCD at each stage of assembly allows us to give a lifetime warranty on our products.

Developers and designers of VOLTER have international experience, participate in the best professional world exhibitions, and follow the latest innovations to continuously improve our voltage stabilizers.Our patented inventions are trusted by customers around the world: ranging from a small village in the Zakarpattia region or nuclear station in Ukraine, to Nepal where our device is used at an altitude of more than 5000 m above sea level and at temperatures as low as -35 ° C.

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